The Manifesto

Our guiding principles

  • The poor and deprived are the equivalent of any in society
  • No-one should be a victim of charity
  • Their dignity and right to self-determination is immutable
  • ‘Make local central’

Our mission

To help practically and on people’s own terms to improve their circumstances – economically, ecologically, humanly – across all the SDGs. We will achieve this, at scale, by:

  • Knowing and working closely with those that need help
  • Listening and responding to their needs in line with our principles
  • Being there for long term – but only as long as they need it

We will share our insights, learning and practices

  • Without hesitation, constraint, or tariff
  • With academic engagement to provide evidence of effectiveness
  • We will advocate globally for change in the ‘system of aid and development’
  • Using our insights and outcomes to demonstrate effectiveness
  • Opening new channels and collaborations
  • Creating new operating models
  • Shifting the balance of fund flows