Who we are

ISEDT is a not for profit social enterprise, focused on research and media production that will influence and improve the way the world addresses, poverty, inequality and sustainability.

To achieve this we are supporting the production of documentaries, stories and a social media feed under the name ‘The Aid Files’.

A New Documentary – coming soon!

We Don’t Do Charity is a hard-hitting new documentary about the Humanitarian Aid Industry.

People are queuing up to point out that the global aid and development system is flawed and tainted with neo-colonial attitudes, sex scandals, racism, corruption and waste. But what is the alternative? Is it time to shift power away from the Global North and back to local people and communities who are capable of mapping out their own futures?

Coming soon! – We Don’t Do Charity

The question is ‘how to do things differently?’

This is that question that ISEDT is researching and communicating. There are plenty of signposts on the ‘how?’  ‘Practice not policy’ and ‘people not power’ are maxims that contain the answer. Dignity, choice, responsibility, respect, hope, and consequences are the guiding words.

Our Manifesto